Warning: these photos are not for the faint of heart.

Get out the barf bags because what you are about to see is by far one of the most stomach-turning results of a spider bite that we’ve ever seen.

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When a 33-year-old kitchen maintenance engineer from North Wales woke up one morning with a funny feeling in his arm, he didn’t think much of it.

Little did Rich Pollitt know that days later he would end up in a hospital and have an actual hole in his elbow.

How did it happen? Pollitt was bitten in his sleep by a false widow. While the spider is venomous, its bite has been compared before to a bee or wasp sting, and its effects are not often severe.

Daily Post/screenshot

But, as The Sun reported in early October, there have been instances were people have experienced extremely negative reactions like the one we’re seeing here.

“[T]here have been a number of alleged incidents where people have had severe reactions and required hospital treatment,” The Sun said. “A student was recently left with a one-inch hole in his leg after being bitten by a ‘false widow’ in his sleep.”

The publication recommended washing the bite area with soap and water, applying bite spray or antiseptic cream to prevent infection, and getting medical help if conditions worsened.

Pollitt told the Daily Post that he did keep his wound clean and wrapped, but had no choice other than going to the hospital once his elbow started leaking.

Daily Post/screenshot

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At the hospital he found out that a spider had caused his problems. He said that doctors kept the wound open so it could be drained. The pictures showing this are jarring. Pollitt also said this is the worst pain he’s ever felt in his life and that “it felt like someone was using a blowtorch on my elbow.”

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