The identity of the person accused of brutally stabbing a girl leaves her community stunned

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A North Carolina teen is facing first-degree murder charges after allegedly killing his older sister.

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According to the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office, 18-year-old Kayla Desiree Hensley was found at the bottom of her family’s street in Weaverville, N.C., killed by severe knife lacerations, reported FOX Carolina.

Authorities were called to the neighborhood to investigate a suspicious person. In the released audio of the 911 call, the caller told dispatchers that a young man covered in blood was standing on their front porch, claiming that someone had killed his sister.

“He’s got blood all over him,” the caller said. “He’s on my front porch.”

According to the caller, the young man claimed that he was trying to get away from the killer.

“For safety’s sake, don’t let him in the house,” the dispatcher advised before ending the call.

Kayla Desiree Hensley (Screenshot/FOX Carolina 21)

When authorities arrived, they spoke to the juvenile, which lead to the investigation and discovery of Kayla’s body. Police confirmed that the young man was her younger brother, who was taken into custody in the North Carolina Department of Public Safety Juvenile Justice and charged with homicide, according to ABC News 13. Authorities are labeling the killing a result of a domestic dispute.

Since news broke of the homicide, many in the community are grieving, including Charles Lyman, Kayla’s 20-year-old boyfriend.

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“She was one of the most amazing girls I ever met,” Lyman said to FOX Carolina about his “young love.”

“She had her whole life ahead of her and was planning to go to college, making something of herself,” Lyman said. He shared that he had spoken to Kayla just hours before she was killed.

“I just wish this was a dream that I could wake up from,” Lyman said.

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One of her coworkers at Urban Outfitters spoke to ABC News 13, saying Hensley was hearing-impaired and a “ray of sunshine.”

“Kayla was always smiling at work. Her smile could make even a bad day good,” said Misty Gossman.

In addition to a GoFundMe fundraiser set up to provide financial help Kayla’s mother Susan, local members of the community have pitched in to help monetarily. A local CITGO employee, Wanda McClure, set up a donation jar for the grieving family. A temporary memorial to Kayla was set up on her car, in front of her family’s home, reported ABC News 13.

The investigation into the homicide is currently ongoing.

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