The Last Person Who Interviewed Jeffrey Dahmer Said He Was ‘Perfectly Normal’

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Nancy Glass was once the senior correspondent for news and entertainment shows, and was the last person to interview Jeffrey Dahmer.

So with the popularity of the Netflix docuseries, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, Glass is back in the news. Everyone wants to know how Dahmer came across in his final post-conviction interview, and Glass tells it like it is.

As relayed by Barstool Sports,

Glass described Dahmer as being “perfectly normal” in their interview. Of course, Glass isn’t the only one who described Dahmer this way. Police and detectives who investigated his 17 murders portrayed him as cooperative and extremely friendly.

Inside the Mind of Jeffrey Dahmer with Nancy Glass

“I always knew that it was wrong,” Dahmer told Nancy Glass back in 1993. “The first killing (in 1978) was not planned. I was coming back from the shopping mall … I’d had fantasies about a hitchhiker and taking him back to the house, and having complete control and dominance over him.”

Dahmer said this with the calmness of a white-collar professional. And that is how he is remarkably portrayed by Evan Peters in the Netflix show.

Again, that first killing occurred in 1978 in Bath Township, Ohio, outside of Akron. Dahmer grew up in Bath, was born in Milwaukee and moved back to Milwaukee following high school. His second victim didn’t come until 13 years after his first. Then he killed and dismembered 15 more in a very short amount of time.

“There just wasn’t an opportunity to full express what I wanted to do,” Dahmer told Grace, his voice trailing, of his 13-year murdering hiatus. “There just wasn’t the physical opportunity to do it then. And when I moved to Milwaukee in 1981, I started reading pornography, going to the bookstores, eventually that led to frequenting the gay bars …”

And Dahmer went back on his killing spree, which involved cannibalism. But listening to Dahmer in his interview with Grace, well, she’s right. He came across as perfectly normal.

Dahmer was murdered himself, in prison, in 1994 as we relayed here.

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