The look on former President Barack Obama’s face during Donald Trump’s big speech says it all


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Videos by Rare

Today was the day America was waiting for or dreading, depending on your point of view.

President Donald Trump is officially the 45th head of the executive branch of the United States of America.

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Speaking of dread, we would be remiss to ignore the face of now former President Barack Obama as Trump addressed the nation for the first time as president.

Obama’s expression appeared to be a near wince.

But when the speech was over, Obama made a point of saying “good job” and shaking hands.

Some have also pointed out that former first lady Michelle Obama’s expression was not exactly approving of the state of affairs.

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New York Magazine’s “The Cut” headline blares, “Michelle Obama’s Face Perfectly Sums Up How You’re Feeling Today.”

What do you think?

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