A CNN analyst got some flak for theorizing about right-wing extremism amid the Manchester bombing coverage


A deadly bombing targeted adolescents outside of an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England. Information involving the attack continues to trickle in as authorities work diligently to piece facts together.

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Amid the chaos, analysts and talking heads shared their theories regarding the motivations behind the incident. But there was one analysis that many audience members saw as mistimed.

A CNN analyst who has since been identified as Paul Cruickshank told his audience that there was a very real chance that the attack was carried out by “right-wing extremists:”


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“It must also be noted that in recent months in Europe, there have been a number of false flag plots where right-wing extremists have tried to frame Islamists for terrorism,” he said.

Cruickshank chose what many saw to be an inopportune moment to reference a case in Germany where a soldier and right-wing extremist planned to pose as a Syrian refugee and carry out a terrorist attack.

Some were stunned and used the comment to criticize the network:




Others weren’t as critical about the comment:


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