A disagreement over “A Day Without Women” ended in a heated debate about abortion

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The Women’s March organizers staged a Wednesday protest called “A Day Without Women,” which coincided with International Women’s Day. Women were encouraged to either skip work or wear red at work, as well as participate in other displays of solidarity.

Not every woman had the same views on the protest.

CNN contributors Symone Sanders and Kayleigh McEnany entered a heated debate on a Wednesday morning segment of “New Day.”

Sanders, who donned red, was optimistic about the movement behind the strike. “I think the message here is that women, we literally have the power to move mountains,” she said of the economic impact.

McEnany made it known that she did not support the protest, as she felt that it did not speak for conservative women. She suggested that the demonstration should have been called “A Day Without A Liberal Woman.”

Host Alisyn Camerota clarified with McEnany that her main issue was over the exclusion of pro-life women.

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“Don’t purport to represent all women when you in fact exclude millions and millions of women,” McEnany said as Sanders let out an audible sigh.

Camerota argued that if funding for an organization like Planned Parenthood were to be taken away, then so would access to women’s healthcare. McEnany disagreed, saying that she did not want to take away funds for women’s healthcare. She argued that the same funding could be redirected to a women’s health organization that didn’t perform abortions.

“They killed 327,000 babies in 2014, and a lot of women don’t stand for that,” McEnany said.

Sanders disagreed, argued that no federal funds went directly to performing abortions. Camerota asked Sanders to address McEnany’s point that conservative women felt excluded from the demonstrations. Sanders said that women were not monolithic and could have a wide-range of concerns.

“No one is telling a man what to do with his penis. I don’t understand why my uterus and vagina is so much a topic of conversation,” Sanders said bluntly.

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