While many Republicans and right of center Americans are happy to see the party have a majority in both the White House and Congress, there is one popular voice who expressed his very honest frustration on Twitter.

Matt Drudge, creator of the very popular Drudge Report, aired his grievances with the Republican members of Congress for things such as the slow pace of the Affordable Care Act’s repeal and cutting taxes.

Drudge was particularly frustrated with their speed of things, seeing as they had mustered up enough energy to vote Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) be thrown out of the Senate floor for breaking decorum rules:

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Drudge offered up his own solution, which was to sue the members of the Republican Party for fraud:

He also previously criticized them for not working with President Trump.

But as pointed out by Mediaite, there’s a chance of Drudge’s tweets will eventually be deleted, as is custom. They have provided screenshots of the featured tweets.

A popular conservative voice suggested suing congressional Republicans, but not for the reason you’d expect AP Photo/Andrew Harnik
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