A scorching affidavit filed by Maureen McPhilmy O’Reilly, ex-wife of Bill O’Reilly, details the alleged abuse she says she suffered at the hands of the former Fox News anchor on one night in December 2009.

The affidavit was notarized in 2011 and would later be used in their divorce. The affidavit was acquired and reported by Jezebel, though rumors of its contents had been circulating beforehand.

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According to McPhilmy, on the night of the alleged abuse, she walked in on O’Reilly as he had phone sex in the bedroom of their mansion. This detail would seem to fit other allegations from Fox News guests and co-hosts that O’Reilly would call them while masturbating.

O’Reilly was irate after his wife discovered him, the affidavit says, and “flew into a fit of rage,” shoving McPhilmy into the bedroom wall (leaving a one-foot hole) and immobilizing her by grabbing her by the head and neck.

O’Reilly then, allegedly, dragged his ex-wife out of their bedroom, down a hallway and down a set of stairs by the hair on her head. He was allegedly wearing neither pants nor underwear.

He dragged her into the kitchen, where a security guard hired by the family saw them. That forced O’Reilly to stop. The affidavit specifies that the security guard stopped at the sight of O’Reilly wearing only a shirt.

When he asked McPhilmy if she wanted to report the incident to the police, she declined, she writes in the affidavit.

Bill O’Reilly was fired in April, receiving a severance package that included a payment of $25 million. That could more than double his net worth, which Forbes estimated at $24.2 million in 2015.

A scorching affidavit says a half-naked Bill O’Reilly dragged his ex-wife down a flight of stairs Frank Micelotta/Invsion/AP, file
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