Alex Jones’ attorney presented the Austin broadcaster as a great father and Kelly Jones as an unfit, emotionally unstable mother, during opening statements of the Jones’ child custody trial Tuesday.

But Kelly Jones’ attorney presented her as a loving mother undermined by an ex-husband who turned their three children against her, instructing them to tape her for incriminating evidence.

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David Minton, the Austin attorney who gave the opening statement on behalf of Alex Jones, also dismissed the notion that Jones brought his volatile Infowars persona home with him.

Minton described Alex Jones’ performance on Infowars as a mix of humor, “bombasity,” sarcasm and wit.

“That’s what he does for a living,” Minton said.

But, Minton said of the idea that Jones would come home and feed his children Infowars: “Nothing could be more wrong. You will hear that from Alex Jones today.”

Minton said that the couple had agreed in their 2015 divorce settlement that Alex Jones would be the primary parent and Kelly Jones would have very limited supervised visits, but with the possibility of earning with her behavior an even split of the children’s time. But, he said, her unstable behavior did not earn it.

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But Bobby Newman, who presented the opening statement for Kelly Jones, offered an utterly different picture of the relationship, presenting Kelly Jones as a devoted mother whose emotional episodes were only a consequence of trying to contend with her ex-husband’s trying to get between her and her children.

Newman said that Alex Jones describes himself as “super-powerful” and “super-aggressive.” But Newman himself was named one of Houston’s most aggressive divorce lawyers by the Houston Chronicle, and he seemed determined to get to Jones in his opening statement.

At one point, Newman said that in deposition, Alex Jones said he couldn’t recall basic facts about kids — like their teachers’ names and classes — because, “I had a big bowl of chili for lunch.”

At another point, the top-dollar attorney told the jury that Jones has earned “more money than any of us can imagine.” He said he has two nannies to do everything.

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Jones was clearly agitated during Newman’s opening and Newman at one point turned to Judge Orlinda Naranjo and asked, “Can you tell Mr. Jones to stop making faces and shaking his head?”

And then, a little while later, “Judge. Mr. Jones is still shaking his head.”

Naranjo admonished Jones, “Mr. Jones. No bodily comments please.”

According to Alex Jones’ ex-wife’s lawyer, he couldn’t remember facts about his kids’ lives because he “had a big bowl of chili for lunch” Youtube/The Alex Jones Channel