Amid calls to tone down rhetoric, an MSNBC analyst says defending Trump is like “hugging a suicide bomber”

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While many have called out divisiveness in the current political climate, particularly in the face of a shooting that targeted a Republican congressional baseball team practice, others have done little to deviate from intense political rhetoric.

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MSNBC’s Elise Jordan recently fell into the latter category when she compared defending President Trump to “hugging a suicide bomber.”

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When asked to speak about the president’s tweets admitting that he did not actually own any recorded tapes of his conversations with former FBI Director James Comey, the political analyst accused Trump of “wasting the country’s collective time speculating over whether these tapes existed or not.”

“It’s a sad day when you cannot depend on the president’s word,” she added.

Jordan then explained her “suicide bomber” comment, saying “he blows you up in the process with him.”

“That’s a little strong, Elise,” joked MSNBC anchor Craig Melvin.

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