Don’t let MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle hear you using teenage insults on her show.

Ruhle and Republican strategist Evan Siegfried were discussing allegations that President Trump was considering firing Robert S. Mueller III, the man appointed as special counsel over the investigation into any collusion between the administration and the Russian government. The report came just a few weeks after Trump fired former FBI Director James Comey, prompting speculations from his opponents that he did so to hinder investigative efforts.

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While discussing the rumor, Siegfried suggested that Republicans refusing to stand up to Trump and the administration “grow a pair.”

Ruhle cut in, informing Siegfried “‘grow a pair’ is not something we’re saying here.”

“We’re not using ‘grow a pair,’ because, last I checked, you kick someone in where you ‘grow a pair’ and they start crying,” she added. Ruhle told him to “move on from that one.”

Siegfried then used the word “backbone” in its place, which Ruhle accepted.

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