As President Trump signed a bill, he couldn’t resist commenting about the teeny tiny desk Twitter/@ABCPolitics

President Trump is spending a good portion of his first 100 days rolling back various regulations passed during former President Obama’s administration.

On Monday, a whimsical moment was captured on video while Trump sat down to nullify federal regulations regarding education and the environment. As he sat down, Trump noted how tiny the desk was:

“This is a child’s desk. This is the smallest desk I’ve ever seen,” he said as those around him laughed.

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At a different point in the signing ceremony, Trump promised that there was “a lot more coming.”

“I will keep working with Congress, with every agency, and most importantly, the American people, until we eliminate every unnecessary, harmful and job-killing regulation that we can find,” Trump said.

The president’s actions are in line with his campaign promises to roll back regulations which are considered egregious.

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