During Wednesday’s episode of CNN’s “Inside Politics,” CNN Contributor and Senior Writer at The Federalist Mary Katharine Ham reacted to the news that President Trump has fired FBI Director James Comey.

While Ham admitted that she is “a little bit contrarian” on the subject, as she feels the country put Comey in a tough position by nominating two presidential candidates who both ended up under FBI investigation. She noted that there may not have been a great way to deal with the situation; however, she feels the manner in which Comey was let go was unprofessional, considering the fact that he found out about his termination by watching the news break on television.

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She added that the president’s previous profession was being a reality TV host who’s job revolved around telling people, “You’re fired,” and wondered why Comey wasn’t given that same courtesy.

“Even Meat Loaf got an in-person firing from Trump,” Ham said, referring to singer Meat Loaf’s appearance on “Celebrity Apprentice.” “And I think probably Comey deserved that as well.”

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