Did Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin’s wife basically just say “let them eat cake?”


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Louise Linton, wife to President Trump’s Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, was the subject of heavy criticism after posting an Instagram picture of herself and her husband departing an Air Force jet after landing in Kentucky to tour Fort Knox’s gold stash. Linton tagged various expensive brands after bragging about her #DayTrip.

An Instagram user expressed distaste for her tax dollars going towards what she believed to be a “little getaway.” Linton responded by criticizing the woman for not paying as much as she did in taxes and for being “adorably out of touch.”


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The comment attracted harsh criticisms of insensitivity and a lack of awareness. Comparisons were even made between Linton and the insensitive “Let them eat cake” comment often attributed, though perhaps incorrectly, to Marie Antoinette:

The post was then deleted and Linton’s account set to private.

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