Donald Trump Jr. is one of the many conservative voices calling out late-night hosts for turning a blind eye to the score of sexual harassment allegations against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein.

On Saturday morning, the eldest son of President Trump laid into Jimmy Kimmel for not addressing the subject in his monologues:

In response, Kimmel said, “I think it’s disgusting.”

At that point, Don Jr. challenged Kimmel to talk about the parade of Weinstein scandals that have engulfed Hollywood:

Weinstein has become a public relations nightmare for Democrats, who are rushing to distance themselves from money they may have taken from the movie mogul. A slew of politicians, including Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Patrick Leahy (D-VT), have said they’re giving the money they received in donations from Weinstein to women’s rights organizations.

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The allegations against Weinstein were an open-secret in Hollywood; however, women who accused him of sexual harassment and assault say he was able to choke off reports of his behavior, MSN reports. One New York Magazine reporter claims that seventeen years ago, Weinstein called her a c*** and dragged her boyfriend into the street. But, the mogul was so powerful that the dozens of images of him assaulting the young man never saw public eyes.

It seems that though he’s fallen from fame, Weinstein still holds an obvious amount of power. Across the board, late-night hosts steered clear of the allegations against the powerful Hollywood name. And, their silence didn’t go unnoticed, with left-leaning outlets The Daily Beast and HuffPost both running pieces remarking on the lack of late-night coverage.

Don Jr. just called out Jimmy Kimmel on Harvey Weinstein with some spicy tweets Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images - Emma McIntyre/Getty Images
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