The Twitter argument between President Trump and Jimmy Kimmel shows no signs of slowing down after the pair traded tweets and barbs on Saturday morning.

Trump opened the war of words Saturday by calling out late night hosts for “repetitive material” that’s “always anti-Trump.”

In response, Kimmel declared, “You should quit that boring job. I’ll let you have my show all to yourself.”

President Trump is spending his Saturday at the Trump National Golf Club in Virginia. His tweet blasting of late-night hosts seems to have been spurred by a “Fox & Friends” segment that accused late-night hosts of “taking a hard turn to the left,” The Hill reports.

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Kimmel has become increasingly political in his monologues, publicly feuding with Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA) when the lawmaker was pushing the Obamacare repeal. The late-night host wasn’t on his own either, he was in touch with a number of advocacy groups and even senate minority leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), The Daily Beast reports.

Following the Las Vegas shooting, late-night hosts each called for a reevaluation of gun laws with Kimmel delivering an opening monologue that nearly brought him to tears.

While Trump complains about the hosts’ tendency to dig into politics, viewers don’t seem to be too put off by the new atmosphere. For five months, Stephen Colbert was able to overtake juggernaut Jimmy Fallon, and much of his success may have been due to his hyper-political show.

Donald Trump and Jimmy Kimmel’s feud just escalated to another level Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images - Mark Wilson/Getty Images
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