Donald Trump’s joke about Susan B. Anthony did not go over well with his critics Twitter/@BraddJaffy

President Trump attended a women’s empowerment panel with First Lady Melania Trump on Wednesday.

There, the president praised the women on his staff as well as notable female historical figures, such as former first lady Abigail Adams and abolitionist Harriet Tubman, in a speech.

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Trump then made a joke when he introduced suffragist Susan B. Anthony, asking if anyone had heard of her:

Though the room laughed, there were others who did not see the humor in Trump’s statement:

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Even former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton had something to say:

Just a month earlier, the president had some scratching their heads after he made a comment about notable abolitionist Frederick Douglass which caused many to wonder whether or not Trump or White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer knew much about him.


Douglass’ descendants said that they appreciated the president’s mention of Douglass regardless.

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