The ladies of ABC’s “The View” had a few thoughts about Omarosa Manigault-Newman’s latest career announcement.

It was revealed that Manigault-Newman was set to join the cast ofCBS’s “Celebrity Big Brother.” Prior to her dive back into the world of reality television, Manigault-Newman worked in President Trump’s White House in the Office of Public Liaison.

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“So she went from reality TV to the White House back to reality TV,” quipped co-host Joy Behar.

After introducing the segment, Behar wondered if the former member of the Trump administration would “spill any secrets.” Behar noted that cameras and microphones would be on her at every waking moment.

“This is why it’s so important that the people you surround yourself with be entirely loyal,” said co-host Meghan McCain, saying it was probable that Manigault-Newman would say something about her time in the White House. McCain added, “She’s probably going to say something, she wants more media attention.”

Behar suggested that Manigault-Newman may have overheard negative conversations and comments, like “racist material.”

“How do you go from the White House to ‘Big Brother?'” co-host Sunny Hostin wondered.

CNN’s Ana Navarro was also sitting at the table. Similarly to Behar, she observed that many would see parallels between the White House and a reality television show.

When Hostin questioned the decision further, Navarro reminded her and the others that former Texas Governor and current Secretary of Energy Rick Perry was a contestant on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars.” Perry was eliminated after just three weeks into the competition.


“I think this is part of what we are today in 2018,” Navarro said.

Manigault-Newman announced her resignation from the White House in December, citing a desire to ?pursue other opportunities.?

She was slated to leave her position almost exactly a year following the president?s inauguration.

Prior to her role in the executive branch, Manigault-Newman was most known for her connection to Trump in a very different way. She was fired not once, not twice, but three times on his popular shows ?The Apprentice? and ?Celebrity Apprentice.?


When asked by KDKA political editor Jon Delano if she had forgiven Trump for firing her prior to her accepting a role in his administration, Manigault-Newman replied, ?Let me tell you something. Losing is winning for me.?

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