Fox Sports Radio host thrown off CNN for talking about boobs on live television


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

CNN host Brooke Baldwin was forced to cut an interview short when guest Clay Travis of Fox Sports Radio made some shocking comments on live television.

Baldwin invited Travis and former ESPN editor Keith Reed on her show to talk about the White House’s demands that ESPN fire anchor Jemele Hill for calling President Trump a “white supremacist.” In the course of making his argument (that Hill should disciplined), Travis declared “I only believe in two things completely: the first amendment and boobs.”

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After a few moments, the conversation quickly changed to his statement. Baldwin gave Travis a chance to clear up his remarks–at which time he repeated the declaration.  Reed declared, “I’m astonished at everything I just heard.” After a few seconds of trying to process what Travis said, Baldwin cut the show, saying “that’s it, we’re done.” During the break, she tweeted “note to Men — that is never okay.”

Travis defended his remarks on Twitter, saying “the host lost it.”

Here’s the clip where Brooke cuts the feed:

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