Actor Paul Sorvino, best known for his contribution to “Goodfellas,” appeared on Fox Business this week to plug his new cookbook, written with his wife, Dee Dee. The conversation quickly strayed to politics, and Sorvino offered his opinion about what it is like to be a conservative in Hollywood. Sorvino also commented on statements his “Goodfellas,” co-star, Robert De Niro, has mad about President Donald Trump.

Throughout the presidential campaign, and after Trump’s election, De Niro was highly critical of the president. At one point he said he would like to punch him in the face, and that he was a “bad example for this country.”

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“Bobby has a right to say whatever he wants, he’s one of the greatest actors in the world,” Sorvino said on Fox Business.

“Do you really have to get into that? Punch the president in the face? What are you talking about?”

Sorvino cautioned that he loves De Niro and that he is one of his oldest friends.

Later in the interview, Sorvino joked about the number of celebrities who said they would flee the United States if President Trump took the Oath of Office.

“Where are all the people who were going to Canada,” Sorvino asked.

“Goodfellas” star opens up about that time Robert De Niro said he wanted to punch Trump in the face Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival)
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