On Saturday morning, President Donald Trump tweeted out his disappointment at a Washington state federal judge.

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Judge James Robart, an appointment of former Republican President George Bush put a freeze on President Trump’s recent travel ban on immigrants from seven middle eastern countries.

President Trump expressed his displeasure at this decision in a series of Saturday morning tweets.

“The opinion of this so-called judge, which essentially takes law-enforcement away from our country, is ridiculous and will be overturned!” Trump said, in an action that some speculated could put him in contempt of court.

Many people on Twitter disagreed with Trump’s sentiment, including liberal commentator Keith Olbermann of GQ.

Olbermann expressed that by undermining the ruling of an appointed federal judge, Trump has lost the “moral right” regarding this presidency.

“You have now forfeited any moral right you have to claim that you are “president” or even an advocate for Democracy,” Olbermann wrote. “Resign, or be removed.”

Olbermann’s message falls in line with that of his web TV series, “The Resistance,” where he consistently criticizes President Trump, and questions the legitimacy of his presidency.

Here’s the latest Trump tweet that Keith Olbermann believes disqualifies President Donald Trump (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill, File)
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