Hillary Clinton supporters cancel their subscriptions to Vanity Fair over New Year’s video

LOS ANGELES, CA - DECEMBER 15: Hillary Clinton speaks onstage at LA Promise Fund's 'Girls Build Leadership Summit' at Los Angeles Convention Center on December 15, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images); @VanityFair/Twitter

Many who supported former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election have stated their intention to cancel their subscriptions to Vanity Fair in response to a video many have considered to be sexist.

The magazine posted a video on Sunday suggesting a few New Year’s resolutions for the former Democratic presidential nominee.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

The video suggested six resolutions for Clinton in 2018:

1. A sequel to her book, “What Happened,” called “What the Hell Happened.”
2. Have someone on her tech team disable her iPhone’s auto fill so she doesn’t accidentally type ‘Form Exploratory Committee for 2020’
3. Practice her alternate nostril breathing
4. Take more pictures in the woods to run into unsuspecting hikers
5. Take up hobbies like volunteer work, knitting or improv comedy
6. Put away her James Comey voodoo doll

Or as one person in the video suggested, “literally anything that’ll keep [her] from running again.”

“Now we all know that you think James Comey cost you the election, and he might have, but so did a handful of other things. It’s a year later, and it’s time to move on,” said another.

The creation of the video and the suggestiions to take up hobbies such as knitting left a bad taste in the mouth of many who saw the bit. Those angry with the video tweeted #CancelVanityFair to encourage others to cancel their subscriptions to the magazine.


However, the outrage seemed to only swirl on Twitter (in select corners of the site, at that), and Vanity Fair is not the first to question Clinton’s post-election presence, which extended well into 2017.

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who himself lost an election to President Barack Obama in 2008, told Esquire in November that it was time for Clinton “to move on” from 2016.

“What’s the f*****g point? Keep the fight up? History will judge that campaign, and it’s always a period of time before they do,” he said. “You’ve got to move on. This is Hillary’s problem right now: She doesn’t have anything to do.”

“You’ve got to understand that you can’t rewrite history,” he added. “One of the almost irresistible impulses you have when you lose is to somehow justify why you lost and how you were mistreated: ‘I did the right thing! I did!’ The hardest thing to do is to just shut up.”

Other Clinton supporters, including those who worked with her campaign, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), and “Saturday Night Live,” have either criticized or made fun of the way she’s handled her election loss. CNN anchor John King even joked during a televised panel that “Russians cloaked Wisconsin” so Clinton “couldn’t find it on a map to get there and campaign there.”

When interviewed by “CBS Sunday Morning” host Jane Pauley in September, Clinton said that her career as “an active politician” was “over.”

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