It was an uncomfortable scene as a CNN anchor and a Republican congressman spoke around each other

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An interview between CNN’s Alisyn Camerota and Rep. Sean Duffy (R-Wis.) about refugees and President Trump’s immigration ban took a bit of a uncomfortable turn.

It quickly became clear that Camerota and Duffy did not agree on the issue of the ban.

At one point, they argued about the probability of being killed by a terrorist in America.

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Camerota stated that one was more likely to be killed by a lightning strike. Duffy challenged her, suggesting that the statistic meant very little to those who lost their lives or loved ones to terror. The congressman also said that those who had not seen the place affected by terror first-hand would not be able to understand the impact, prompting Camerota to remind him that both she and her network visited those places.

Camerota argued that the victims’ families in those instances had called for love to lead the way. “I’m a lover, Alisyn! I’m a lover too!” Duffy shot back.

By the time the awkward outburst occurred, Camerota and Duffy were speaking around and over each other in frustration with the person on the opposite side of the screen.

The pair then transitioned into the topics of radical Islamic terrorism and murders by white supremacists such as convicted church shooter Dylann Roof. At one point in the conversation, Duffy challenged Camerota to “bring it on.”

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