Jake Tapper to Trump administration official: Is President Trump still worried about Syrian intervention “starting WWIII?”


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Videos by Rare

Jake Tapper demanded answers from UN Ambassador Nikki Haley on whether or not President Donald Trump still thought intervention in Syria could spark World War III.

During an interview with Haley on his show “State of the Union,” Tapper played a clip of Trump’s comments from 2013, where he said, “It’s not that big an area. The airspace is very limited. So, now you have — what, do we start World War III over Syria?”


Tapper asked Haley to clarify if Trump still felt that Syrian intervention could lead to another world war, asking, “So, he was worried about starting World War III over Syria. Why is that no longer a concern? And why was the 2013 chemical weapons attack, which, as you know, was deadlier, not a trigger for him in terms of the principle of action in Syria?”

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Haley replied that Trump “wasn’t president in 2013” and that she didn’t know his “thought process” then.

She added: “I can tell you what his thought process was this week, which was, he is not going to condone chemical weapons use ever.”

Haley then tried to steer the conversation toward the UN’s reaction to Trump’s decision to strike Syria, but Tapper, once again, brought the line of questioning back to Trump’s comments on starting World War III, asking, “He’s not concerned anymore, though, about this being a potential quagmire or about this potentially starting World War III?”

“I can tell you that, of the conversations I had this week, he knew what the risks were, he knew what the situation was, he looked at the history of the situation, and he decided,” she replied. “And I think his decision was right. And I think you can see that from the international community. They all fully support it.”

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