Keith Olbermann goes after Sean Hannity and anyone who believes Seth Rich was murdered by the DNC Keith Olberman/GQ
Keith Olberman/GQ

Liberal commentator Keith Olbermann joined the chorus of conservatives and liberals have chastised Sean Hannity this week. Despite pleas from the family of murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich, Hannity has continued to peddle a baseless conspiracy theory that Rich’s murder was a political hit job.

Rich was killed while walking home in his Washington, D.C., neighborhood. In a series of tweets advertising his latest video for GQ, Olbermann referred to Hannity as a “jackass,” “vermin” and “scum.”

Olbermann told his audience that if they were unfamiliar with the conspiracy theory, they were “lucky.”

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“It underscores yet again the lengths to which those who enabled Trump to seize power in our country will defend that power and him,” Olbermann  said. “There are no standards, there are no morals, there are no ethics, there are only Kellyanne Conway’s alternative facts.”

“He smells ratings, or whatever someone smells when standing that close to [President] Donald Trump,” Olbermann said of Hannity.

Olbermann’s video was released shortly after a Daily Beast piece that anonymously quoted Fox News employees who are embarrassed by Hannity’s actions.

“The other reporters I’ve talked to are similarly pissed about the whole thing,” one reporter told the Daily Beast.

“Some find it embarrassing, others downright heartless. It’s just gross.”

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