On Wednesday evening, Keith Olbermann spoke with Katie Couric about Bill O’Reilly’s departure from Fox News. O’Reilly was let go on Wednesday, after mounting pressure from viewers and advertisers in connection to sexual harassment allegations against the talk show host. Olbermann told Couric that he thought O’Reilly was a “menace” to journalism.

“My relationship with him…professionally I didn’t like his work, and personally I didn’t like him,” Olbermann explained.

Despite their differences, Olberman wasn’t exactly dancing with glee over the news that his on air nemesis was gone.

“It’s not like I started jumping up and down,” Olbermann told Couric.

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“To me, this seemed inevitable. And in many respects, it’s so past the time it should have happened.”

Olbermann implied that allegations against O’Reilly must have gone further than the ones made public in recent weeks. He also told the story of an anonymous friend of his who had experienced harassment from O’Reilly

“This is 20 years…probably more…of things like this going on.”

On Twitter, Olbermann seemed a little more ready to express his joy.

“#MissionAccomplished,” Olbermann wrote alongside a photo of himself in front of a TV screen with O’Reilly.

Keith Olbermann had a surprising reaction when asked about Bill O’Reilly’s departure from Fox News Twitter/Keith Olbermann
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