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It’s no secret that the table at ABC’s “The View” often brings about heated debates, but Friday’s showdown between co-host Meghan McCain and political commentator Keith Olbermann was truly something else.

The exchange began when Olbermann was answering a question from co-host Sunny Hostin about a tweet he made on Wednesday accusing President Trump of doing “more damage to America than Bin Laden [and] ISIS combined.”

Hostin asked Olbermann if he truly believed the content in his tweet. After confirming that he did, he said “we did really well after 9/11. We did not restrict all the freedoms in this country. We did not single out people.” McCain interrupted by telling him 3,000 people died in the 9/11 terrorist attack. Olbermann countered, saying more people died in the Iraq War.

“You think Bin Laden did less to damage America than President Trump?” she aked.

“Yes,” Olbermann replied.

McCain defended her position by saying “rhetoric like that is so damaging.” A few moments after touting her brother’s service in the Iraq War, McCain and Hostin briefly got into a disagreement over whose turn it was to speak.

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Later in the show, Olbermann told McCain that his favorite person in 21st Century American politics was her father, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.). He added that he owed the senator and former President George W. Bush an apology. The pair found what they called “common ground:”

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