Kellyanne Conway went on ABC to continue trying to defend General Michael Flynn


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After a tumultuous Tuesday morning interview with NBC’s “TODAY,” Kellyanne Conway went on ABC  to talk about the recent resignation of General Michael Flynn. Flynn had spent the first weeks of President Donald Trump’s term as the National Security Adviser.

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On ABC, Conway was confronted by anchor George Stephanopoulos about whether the White House knew Flynn spoke to the Russian Ambassador to the United States about sanctions against the Russian government. The Washington Post reported on Monday that former acting Attorney General Sally Yates told the White House that there was evidence that Flynn could be blackmailed by Russia.

Conway didn’t have much to say.

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“I don’t know the answer to that,” Conway told Stephanopoulos. “The fact is, I can’t reveal what the White House knew or didn’t know, and who in the White House did or didn’t know.”

Conway then said she couldn’t fully explain what happened because it would divulge sensitive information. But Stephanopoulos pressed forward.

“You asked to come on at the president’s request, the president wants you to come out and speak for the White House this morning. Do you know if the president was told three weeks ago, when Sally Yates told the White House counsel that General Flynn had been compromised, do you know if the president was told that?” he asked.

“I do not know that, George,” Conway replied.

She later said that she wasn’t sure if the vice president was given that information either.

In her interview with NBC earlier in the day, Conway shut down any further speculation about whether the president knew about Flynn’s impropriety.

“[President Trump has] accepted General Flynn’s resignation, and he wishes him well, and we’re moving on,” she said.

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