Megyn Kelly shut down a news legend when he trashed the NRA on her show

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Following the devastating mass shooting in Las Vegas, Megyn Kelly conducted a town hall-style discussion about the tragedy and gun control on Tuesday’s “Megyn Kelly Today” — and she was not amused when a guest called for standing up to the National Rifle Association.

The former Fox News host was joined by Tom Brokaw, among others. Towards the end of the segment, an audience member asked Brokaw whether 24-hour coverage of gun violence hurt those watching at home, especially children.

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“Well I would say to this audience, and any audience that I appear before these days, we are where we are because of the power of people who wanted these kind of guns and the NRA managed to organize them and get them as a political force in America,” he said, pointing out what he believes to be the underlying issue in reporting about the shootings.

“So the question is: If you’re not happy with what has happened, your individual obligation as a citizen is to organize on the other side,” he continued. “And that’s possible as well, the NRA has a lot of money, obviously, and if you’re running against the NRA, and a lot of the Western congressional districts for example, you’re portrayed as a traitor to America. You know, you’re not in favor of people having weapons, and that’s after all how the country started — we’re a long way away from that Second Amendment–”

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Kelly then began talking over him, saying, “Yep. Got it. Gotta leave it at that, Tom.” While Brokaw tried to complete his thought, Kelly cut him off again to say, “We’re up against a hard break, apologies Tom Brokaw. Sorry, they’re wrapping me hard because we got a hard break coming up. Um, but listen, this debate will not, will not end now. There are people who defend the second amendment who believe you can’t legislate against evil, and those who believe we have to have an honest conversation.”

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