Mickey Kaus, book burner

The yearly Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is for, by and about conservatives, with one exception.

Every year, CPAC attempts to field a liberal celebrity to debate a conservative media welterweight. In the past, podiums were reserved for Robert Novak and Sam Donaldson, among others.

This year’s CPAC will feature a debate on Saturday at 1:30 between author and television pundette Ann Coulter and eclectic liberal Mickey Kaus — a long-time blogger for Slate until he challenged Barbara Boxer in the California Democratic primaries of 2010.

Kaus decided to tease his debate with Coulter with a video of him burning her 2011 book “Demonic.” That did not work out so well. Watch him finally get the book lit, after several attempts, below.

No word yet on whether Kaus’s promotional conflagration will land Coulter’s work on the American Library Association’s coveted list of “challenged and banned books.”

Jeremy Lott About the author:
Jeremy Lott helped found and manage four publications for the Real Clear Politics family of websites. He is the author of three books and an e-book, as well as the recognized ghostwriter of former Maryland governor Marvin Mandel’s memoirs. Follow him on Twitter @jeremylottdiary
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