Nearly 50 years after trying to blackmail him into committing suicide, the FBI tried to honor Martin Luther King Jr.


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Civil Rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. was fatally shot on April 4, 1968.

On the 49th anniversary of his death date, the Federal Bureau of Investigation shared a tweet honoring King.

The tweet was quickly criticized by anyone with the slightest knowledge of the history between King and the federal agency.

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During the Civil Rights Movement, the FBI attempted to discredit King by spying on him, then sending him audio tapes of him engaging in an extramarital affair and what is called the “suicide letter.” The letter encouraged King to commit suicide in ” just 34 days,” lest he be exposed. The materials were discovered by his wife, Coretta Scott King, at their home.

The irony of the tweet was lost on very few people:

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The FBI has not yet addressed its decision to make the tweet.

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