No. 1 Donald Trump detractor Keith Olbermann issues this heartfelt apology to the world

During the presidential campaign, Keith Olbermann became Donald Trump’s No. 1 denouncer, railing on the Republican candidate for everything from failing to disclose to his taxes to being a pawn for Russian president Vladimir Putin.

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Since the election, Olbermann has continued his anti-Trump rants distributed by GQ via Facebook and Twitter. And on Tuesday, following a weekend of mass protests at U.S. airports over the Trump administration’s immigration ban, Olbermann issued an apology for the president’s behavior on behalf of the American people to the world.

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Olbermann started:

“To the people of Syria and Iraq and France and Germany and Mexico and Canada and the world, permit me to apologize on behalf of the citizens of the United States of America for the unforgivable actions of the man who has assumed power here. I speak for those of us — who, unlike Trump, unlike the sycophants who surround him, unlike the hate-filled souls and the conscious-optional bigots who applaud him, unlike the Russian puppeteers who may be manipulating him — I speak for those of us who have not forgotten and will not forget that we are the descendants of the immigrants — often the refugees.

“We are the modern equivalents of those whom this pig Trump has just banished and degraded and, in many cases, likely literally sentenced to death.”

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He continued:

“Our greatness and more importantly our goodness has since the cliché of the arrival at Plymouth Rock, stemmed entirely from people who came here from elsewhere. The only true natives of this continent have been the victims of persecution and marginalization and genocide.

He ended his nearly two-minute speech with this:

“Indeed, if there is anything this can offer as mitigating evidence against our original sin, it is that the land our forefathers invaded, became a place of freedom, a destination for those who literally had no other place to turn. We became great and greater and greatest because to these shores came a world of brave men and women who could not be certain it would be better here, but who knew it could not be worse than where they were.

They gained a sanctuary, and we gained their courage and their dedication, and their hard work and their belief that if life would not be better for them it would be better for their children. In us, in this place, they saw the light of the world. And because of them we became that light.

“And now Trump has extinguished it.”

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