President Trump answered steadfastly when asked what he would do to combat antisemitism in America


President Trump was asked about addressing antisemitism, particularly after the election, as well as racism and xenophobia while hosting a press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu on Wednesday morning.

Trump began his answer by saying that he was honored by his electoral victory.


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To the question about his administration being a bit too close to antisemitism, racism, and xenophobia, Trump made a promise:

I will say that we are going to have peace in this country. We are going to stop crime in this country. We are going to do everything in our power to stop long-simmering racism and every other thing that’s going on, because a lot of bad things have taken place over a long period of time.

Trump said that one of the reasons he won the election was because of divisions in the country.

“As far as Jewish people, so many friends, a daughter who happens to be here right now”a son-in-law, and three beautiful grandchildren,” Trump said, pointing to his daughter, Ivanka, and her husband, Jared Kushner, who were both sitting in the audience.

Trump ended his answer by saying, “You’re going to see a lot of love.”

You can watch the full press conference below:

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