President Trump has a friend in Marco Rubio following a controversial airstrike in Syria Twitter/@foxandfriends

Late Thursday evening, President Trump launched a US airstrike on a Syrian airfield.

While there have been questions over the legality of Trump’s actions, since he did not get congressional authorization for the strike, the president is finding support among some unlikely voices.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) appeared on several morning shows to proclaim his support.

On “FOX & Friends,” Rubio addressed the criticism that Trump did not go through Congress by saying, “We don’t have 535 commander-in-chiefs, we have one.”

Rubio did not see the strike as “an act of war,” but rather Trump protecting U.S. “national security interests.” Rubio said that Trump’s actions were both “legal” and “appropriate.”

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His comments on CNN’s “New Day” were similar. He said that Trump was justified because the Syrian government broke international law by initiating a deadly chemical weapons attack on Tuesday.

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