President Trump has announced the winners of his Fake News Awards AP Photo/Alex Brandon

President Trump’s Fake News Awards have finally made their debut.

Trump, who has constantly railed against “fake news” for at least a year, tweeted in November that news networks — “plus CNN and not including Fox” — should hold a contest to see who dishes out the most inaccurate reports. Trump explained that the winner would get a “FAKE NEWS TROPHY!”

The president later announced the awards would take place the middle of January, saying that high interest in the event caused some delay.

On Wednesday evening, the president tweeted the results via the Republican Party’s website.

Out of the 11 spots included in the awards, here’s how many times the following news outlets were mentioned:

  • CNN: 4 mentions
  • The New York Times: 2 mentions
  • Washington Post: 1 mention
  • TIME Magazine: 1 mention
  • ABC News: 1 mention
  • Newsweek: 1 mention

Also included on the list was the entire concept of the Trump campaign’s possible collusion with Russian officials, which is currently under investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

In another interesting wrinkle, despite the fact that Trump has publicly taken issue with the Washington Post on a number of occasions, going so far as to revoke their press credentials on the campaign trail, the publication was referenced as a source for two of the other awards on the list, which went to the New York Times and CNN.

The awards wrapped up by mentioning some good news that occurred during Trump’s administration, including the recently passed and signed tax bill.

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