It’s certainly no secret that President Trump and CNN have a strained relationship.

On Monday, it became more than apparent that the president and the news network company had the sure-fire ability to immediately provoke reactions from each other.

During a “New Day” segment, hosts Chris Cuomo and Poppy Harlow spoke of the impending House Intelligence Committee hearing with FBI Director James Comey. The pair mentioned a recent Gallup poll that showed a drop in Trump’s approval rating.

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The president attributed the poll to CNN and decided to tweet his disapproval at the same time as the segment:

“Just heard Fake News CNN is doing polls again despite the fact that their election polls were a WAY OFF disaster. Much higher ratings at Fox,” he wrote.

“The stakes are high,” Cuomo said before reading Trump’s tweet on air.

Harlow argued the difference between polling “people’s opinion of a sitting president as to how they may go vote.”

“The president really concerned today. He’s on Twitter, he’s trying to shape the narrative,” Cuomo said before noting that the president was watching CNN.

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