Sean Hannity and Chaz Bono are in the midst of a feisty Twitter beef

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Videos by Rare

Liberal Chaz Bono and Conservative Sean Hannity definitely don’t agree on much, and in the past few days, they’ve found themselves in a Twitter beef that’s threatening to boil over. The argument began last week when, in the approach of a WikiLeaks press conference, Sean Hannity asked for information proving that the CIA is falsely attributing cyber attacks to other nations.

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The theory that the CIA is using malware to “attribute” attacks to Russia derives from a Breitbart article that was published just after the leaks were released Tuesday. Since then, the idea has gained momentum in conservative circles. Chaz Bono, a well-known liberal activist, grabbed onto the Hannity tweet and responded with a fiery tweet.

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Hannity, never one to go down without a fight, fired back a few days later, calling Bono “just ignorant.”

After Hannity invited the activist on his show, Bono declined saying, “I don’t play with stupid.”

While this Twitter beef is heating up, knowing Bono and Hannity, there’s a good chance that we’ll soon be hearing more from them.

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