United Airlines recently came under fire after a viral video showed a passenger being dragged off a plane to make room for its flight staff. The situation took Americans by a storm.

The viral video even made it all the way to the White House by Tuesday. Reporters asked White House Press Secretary about his thoughts on the incident.

Spicer answered the question carefully, saying, “There’s plenty of law enforcement to review a situation like that:”

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“Let’s not get ahead of where that review goes,” he warned.

But Spicer also made sure to acknowledge the intensity of the video. “It was an unfortunate incident,” he admitted. “Clearly when you watch the video, it was troubling to see how that was handled.”

Spicer cautioned against jumping to conclusions before saying that there was no need for a federal response. He had faith that the local review would be satisfactory.

Sean Spicer calls the video of the United Airlines passenger being dragged “troubling” Twitter/@CNN
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