HOUSTON — Over the weekend, “Saturday Night Live” viewers flocked to social media to praise Melissa McCarthy’s spot-on portrayal of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

Now, the real Spicer is offering McCarthy some tips to fine-tune her impersonation.

In an interview with “Extra,” Spicer, who was in Houston for the Super Bowl, said the bit was funny, but she “needs to slow down on the gum-chewing.”

“Way too many pieces in there,” he told “Extra,” referring to part of the sketch where McCarthy dumps half a container of gum into her mouth.

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Trump is “using your words. When you use the words and he uses them back, it’s circular using of the word, and that’s from you,” said McCarthy, playing Spicer.

According to “Extra,” the real Spicer thinks Baldwin’s take on Trump “has gone from funny to mean.”

“‘SNL’ used to be really funny,” Spicer told “Extra.” “There’s a streak of meanness now that they’ve crossed over to mean.”

Later in the day, Spicer softened his tone about McCarthy’s impersonation of him, telling FOX & Friends that he thought the sketch was “cute.”

Sean Spicer offers Melissa McCarthy some advice to fine-tune her “SNL” impersonation of him Twitter @nbcsnl/ AP Photo

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