Sean Spicer responded to Jimmy Kimmel’s emotional healthcare monologue on behalf of the White House


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Jimmy Kimmel brought the world to tears when he emotionally revealed that his newborn son, Billy, had a congenital heart disease. He learned in terrifying moments after his birth that his son had a hole in his heart and would need open heart surgery. Kimmel also touted his support for the continued funding of programs like National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Obamacare so that other parents in his situation wouldn’t have to worry about saving their children’s lives.

While many responded positively to Kimmel’s emotional monologue, others focused solely on the healthcare portion.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer reacted to Kimmel’s message on behalf of the White House.

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“I think we share that concern for the Kimmels’ child as well as any child that needs care,” Spicer said. He said that President Trump fought hard to “ensure there was that extra layer of protection for anybody with a preexisting condition, no matter their stage in life.”

Spicer said that he agreed with a point Kimmel made about having policies that aren’t partisan, but are instead “American policies” that help everyone.

“That’s what the president is fighting for right now,” he continued.

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