Friday’s episode of “The View” got heated when co-hosts Joy Behar and Meghan McCain battled it out following Behar’s dig at Fox News while discussing sexual harassment in politics.

The ladies kicked things off by discussing President Trump’s early morning tweet in regard to the shocking sexual harassment and assault accusations being levied against Democratic Senator Al Franken. They seemed to agree that it was inappropriate for the president to speak out against Franken but not against Senate Republican candidate Roy Moore, who has been met with his fair share of sexual assault allegations as well.

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“There’s a lot of democrats asking for [Franken] to step down … If you can believe it, I don’t just watch Fox,” McCain began before Behar, who criticized both Moore and Trump for writing their accusers off as “liars,” interrupted her.

“Fox is sex harassment central,” she jabbed at McCain’s former employer.

“You know what. That’s so cheap. I’m trying to talk about the fact that I’m watching other networks, and people in your party are calling for the stepping down of Al Franken because of this investigation being a distraction,” McCain shot back. “I just don’t think that saying Fox is X, I know, I used to work there. We’re talking about the present. This is what’s exhausting about this conversation. I totally agree with you that it’s absolutely disgusting at this point that we’re still having conversations about Roy Moore. We’ve talked about it on the show. He should step down … But right now we’re talking about another senator.”

“We’re also talking about hypocrisy, which is what provoked my outburst,” Behar argued. “Trump’s hypocrisy, Fox’s hypocrisy, Breitbart, Sean Hannity, all of them.”

“What about the hypocrisy of Bill Clinton right now?” McCain asked before Whoopi Goldberg stopped the conversation for a commercial break.

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While the pair engaged in a war of the words on Friday, Behar indicated that they have a “very friendly” relationship in a recent “Watch What Happens Live” interview.

“I like her. I think she sticks to her guns. I correct her facts once and a while, we get into that a little bit,” she said of McCain at the time. “Her father is a hero at the moment. He is speaking truth to power and I respect that. I respect that she comes from that family.”

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