The ladies of “The View” pledge their support for Ann Coulter’s right to “speak freely” at UC Berkeley

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The University of California at Berkeley has seen several violent protests after hosting controversial Republican speakers, such as former Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos. The members of UC Berkeley’s College Republicans and Young America’s Foundation are in the midst of suing the administration after being told that they would not be allowed to host commentator Ann Coulter over safety concerns.

The Berkeley-Coulter saga ended when she decided to cancel the speech.

Coulter spoke about the drama as a Monday guest on ABC’s “The View.”

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The co-hosts reminded Coulter that they supported her right to speak on the college campus.

“We backed you up,” said Joy Behar. “I must say that we backed you up, Ann, because we believe in free speech here. And anything is fine.”

Coulter thanked the ladies for their support.

“Whether we like it or not,” added Whoopi Goldberg. She said that the ladies always wanted to encourage free speech and spoke of the canceling of her own speaking event recently. Goldberg said that it was “ridiculous” that free speech would ever be opposed in America, since the nation was built on a platform of speaking freely.

“Berkeley, you made a mistake,” Goldberg went on to criticize. “Everybody is entitled to their opinion. That’s the law.”

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Coulter and the ladies then shared their opposing thoughts on Trump’s administration:

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