The ladies on “The View” had a lot of questions for Chris Wallace just days before the election The View/Youtube Screenshot

Anchor Chris Wallace of “Fox News Sunday” sat down with the ladies of ABC’s “The View” on Friday to discuss this year’s election and recent issues surrounding both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

The ladies touched on the “October surprise” involving the recent controversy dealing with Comey and the email probe involving Hillary Clinton.

“I don’t think it was the right call,” Wallace said answering the question of whether or not it was right for Comey to bring up the issue yet again.

“I think he should have acted in a very conservative manner as law enforcement people are supposed to. I think looking back on it, that last July he should’ve said we don’t evidence or just said nothing,” Wallace added.

“In fairness, and you’re not going to like me know, Hillary Clinton brought this into the election and she delayed and we now know from WikiLeaks that when it all broke in March of 2015, one of her top advisers said, ‘Why did they delay so long?’ because they thought the could get away with it, so she bears responsibility here.”

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Wallace talked about why the race is tightening and how Trump has lost support from being in the spotlight so long, and now, this week, Hillary Clinton is the topic of discussion.

Paula Faris brought up the possible threat of terror before election day and asked Wallace how concerned Americans should be.

“The answer is I don’t know,” Wallace said. “We always hear concerns before a Superbowl about terror. I think people should go out and vote. You don’t have to go out on election day.”

Wallace did have advice for Americans and said, “Go to the polls, vote and do your duty as an American.”

The ladies mentioned Trump’s pep talk from earlier this week and Sara Haines even asked Wallace if we’re seeing a new “disciplined” side of Trump.

Then, Candace Cameron Bure asked Wallace if he’s sick of talking about the election. He said it’s been good for business since he’s on a political show.

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“Next week, god-willing, we’ll have a president-elect, one of the two, and I will say, Joy, I think this is closer than you think it is,” Wallace said.

“I know it’s close. Why do you think I’m having anxiety,” Joy responded.

“I think that he could win. In fairness, there’s a million Americans who want him to win,” Wallace said referring to Trump.

Wallace urged Americans to get out and vote.

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