The latest Fox News lawsuits are riddled with allegations about sexism, racism and retaliation

There are more lawsuits headed Fox News’ way.

LawNewz reports that two lawsuits alleging “discriminatory remarks, physical threats, retaliation, and gender-based termination” were filed on Monday.

One lawsuit was filed on behalf of Fox News Radio Shift Editor Kathleen Lee.

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Lee claims that she received sexist treatment from radio anchor Ron Flatter, radio anchor Bill Vitka, and received further negative backlash after Flatter was removed. Reporting the harassment to Fox News radio executives, general counsel and human resources executives proved fruitless as Lee says her concerns were essentially ignored.

“Fox does nothing to curb the unlawful behavior,” read the complaint. “Worse, when female employees dare report such conduct, Fox victimizes them a second time – by subjecting them to escalated sex bias, retaliation, or both.”

The other lawsuit was filed on behalf of former Accounts Payable Coordinator Naima Farrow.

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Farrow claims that she was fired shortly after informing her supervisor that she was pregnant. She also said that she faced racist remarks as a black woman and was passed over for promotions while her white employees continued to advance.

The women will be represented by attorneys Douglas Wigdor and Jeanne Christensen, who are representing 23 lawsuits from both former and current Fox News employees.

A statement from a Fox News spokesperson was provided to Rare in response:

We have consistently demonstrated that the Company is committed to a diverse workplace that is free from all forms of discrimination, takes any complaint of discrimination seriously, and in these particular matters took prompt, effective and, where necessary, strong remedial action.  We believe these latest claims are without legal basis and look forward to proving that Fox News at all times has acted appropriately, and lawfully, in connection with these matters.

This is not the first time accusations of racism have affected the network.

Following the departures of former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly and former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, who passed away last week, the network was said to have scheduled a diversity training for all of its employees and remote staff.

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