“The View” reacted to Trump’s latest bout with Rocket Man exactly as you’d expect

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At least one co-host on ABC’s “The View” is ready to see UN Ambassador Nikki Haley become president as soon as possible after President Trump’s exchange with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un on Twitter.

The North Korean dictator kicked off his 2018 by saying the “button for nuclear weapons is on my table” was so powerful that the “entire area of the U.S. mainland is within our nuclear strike range.” Trump responded to the taunt with a tweet, saying that his nuclear button “is a much more bigger & more powerful one than his,” adding that his button “works.”


The co-hosts were less than impressed.

“Who’s got the bigger button?” Whoopi Goldberg asked a little sensually.

After suggesting he needed to be “medicated and hospitalized,” Joy Behar suggested that Trump used the tweet as a way to defect from the investigation into collusion between the administration and Russia. She believed that the investigation, which is currently being led by special counsel Robert Mueller, was getting closer to implicating the president himself or his family. She added, “He’ll blow the whole world up so his stupid sons don’t have to go to jail.”

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Sunny Hostin wondered if there was any strategy behind the president’s “game of chicken” with the dictator. Hostin wondered if the president was “mentally fit” to continue.

Meghan McCain rounded out the initial reactions, with a comment mirroring Goldberg’s response. She said that upon first reading the tweets, she thought to herself, “This is an intensely phallic thing to say.”

“This seems to be about all whose is bigger in what context or another. Which is why Nikki Haley needs to run for president. We need to have a woman one way or the other taking over,” she said as the audience applauded in the background.

For those wondering, she continued, Trump cannot press a button to send nuclear bombs to North Korea without first going through a rigorous process that includes convening with a number of advisers and other officials.

As McCain explained the checks and balances in place, Goldberg pulled out perhaps the biggest button of them all.

But despite the criticism, several wonder the impact of the president’s tweet.

Speaking on Kim Jong-un’s behalf, Ri Son Gwon, chairman of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification, recently announced that North Korea was open to having a dialogue with South Korea in a “sincere and careful” manner.

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