It was announced on Friday that another FBI investigation would open regarding Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s emails while she was secretary of state.

Emails belonging to long-time Clinton aide Huma Abedin were reportedly found on a computer shared with her husband Anthony Weiner — now separated following an underage sexting scandal.

Though investigators determined that the finds might have had relevance to Clinton’s email server investigation, discussion on how to continue with the cased a delay in the investigation. The revelation of the finds was chalked up to fear of a potential leak.

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As previously reported by Rare, the emails were found during an investigation following Weiner’s scandal. Because of the nature of their discovery, investigators were forced to obtain a second warrant.

Government lawyers and Abedin’s lawyers have not yet spoken about terms of a search. However, government lawyers plan on obtaining a search warrant. If obtained, then investigators would have access to to review thousands of emails on the shared device.

While investigators did not see the entirety of Abedin’s emails in the search, the amount that they came across were conclusive enough to determine that they were relevant to Clinton’s server investigation.

There is some speculation on the part of the investigators that the new search will uncover emails that had previously been deleted on Clinton-owned devices.

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Several Democrats, particularly those involved with the Clinton campaign, have criticized the investigation as well as the timing. Even Clinton campaign chair John Podesta, whose emails were revealed by WikiLeaks, demanded an explanation from FBI Director James Comey.


This is why the new Hillary Clinton email investigation had the timing that it did AP Photo/Andrew Harnik
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