Today in sass: Someone accused Piers Morgan of drinking President Trump’s bathwater

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Former CNN host Piers Morgan has made his unyielding approval of President Trump well-known, and someone finally called him out on it.

On Wednesday morning, “Good Morning Britain” invited Alabama judge Eric Guster to speak about Trump’s address to Congress the night before.

While Morgan was predictable a fan of the speech, Guster was less than pleased.

“He’s striking fear, just like Hitler did in Germany,” Guster told Kristin Tate when speaking of whether or not Trump divided or united. “He’s saying these are the people with the problems.”

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Morgan did not agree with the connection to Hitler and jumped in to confront Guster.

“Piers, you drink his bathwater, so you think everything he does is great, but you’re wrong,” Guster said matter-of-factly.

Morgan disagreed, saying, “I do not drink Donald Trump’s bath water, though I’m sure it tastes delicious.”

“I’m not sure,” Guster said. Refusing to back down, he said. “You drink the Kool-aid.”

A CNN poll shared by White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer revealed that the president’s address overall received mostly positive reviews from those who watched.

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