In Tucker Carlson’s highly anticipated interview with former DNC chair Donna Brazile, the host pressed her hard on why she leaked a debate question to the Hillary Clinton campaign ahead of a debate with primary rival Bernie Sanders.

After Carlson hounded her for an answer, Brazile offered up her excuse:

I said last year that CNN never provided us with any questions. CNN never gave us anything in advance. What I did say, what I have said in the past, and what I say in this book, is that as an officer of the DNC — and I know Wikileaks gave everybody certain questions in certain emails — but as an officer of the DNC, I sought to expand the number of debates. And I wanted to make sure that we had diverse voices, and we covered issues that had not been discussed in previous debates… What I sought to do, Tucker, was to ensure that we had these issues on the table, and I didn’t want our candidates blindsided. That’s what I admitted to.

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Carlson was quick to react with one of his classic laughs and made it clear he didn’t believe a word she was saying.

“That’s the greatest spin I’ve ever heard!” Carlson said. “That’s so good! You should do this for a living! That is hilarious.”


In her book, Brazile recalled finding out emails stolen from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta showed that she relayed information about possible debate topics during a primary debate and said she felt betrayed by CNN’s Jake Tapper over the controversy:

The next day, even Jake Tapper took a swing at me, calling me unethical and ‘journalistically horrifying’ during a radio interview with WMAL even though I worked for CNN as a commentator not a journalist. When I called him on this, he did not apologize. His attack on me was really about him. He wrote in an email, ‘I don’t know what happened here except it undermines the integrity of my work and CNN … you have to know how betrayed we all feel.’


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