Tucker Carlson took it back to the 20th century with a strong criticism for the high number of liberal colleges

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson invited Chris Sweeny onto “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to discuss a piece he authored about the high number of liberal colleges compared to the number of conservative colleges.

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According to Sweeny’s research, liberal colleges in New England outnumbered conservative colleges by a factor of 28 to one.

“This echo chamber, this left-wing echo chamber it’s ruining college for liberals and conservatives alike,” he declared. As Carlson introduced the segment, he referred to the ratio as “soviet level.”

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Sweeny explained more of the study’s finds. Though New England had the highest level of disparity between conservative and liberal colleges, the ratios were much closer throughout the rest of the country.

On the West Coast, for example, liberal colleges only outnumbered conservative colleges six to one. In both the South and the Midwest, the factor was three to one.

Later in the interview, Carlson suggested that the extreme numbers came from colleges only hiring professors who agreed with a certain political ideology. Sweeny said that for as much research as was done, there was not one single answer to the regional disparity.

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