CNN released a poll on Tuesday that showed a significant number of Americans losing their confidence in President Trump’s performance as president and credibility in the White House. CNN contributor Ana Navarro and American Conservative Union chairman Matt Schlapp, two Republicans, exchanged rather emotional blows on CNN’s “New Day” as they shared their explanations of why so many Americans did not approve of the president.

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After Schlapp and anchor Chris Cuomo got into an argument over certain issues, like climate science and abortion, Navarro argued that those who disapproved of Trump did so primarily because of his rhetoric and conduct, not his policies. Schlapp and Navarro then began to argue over the president’s credibility.

“It’s the fact that the President of the United States goes out and lies,” Navarro said. She referenced the president’s insistence last week that the Boy Scouts of America called him on the phone, despite their saying otherwise.

At another point in the interview, Schlapp accused Navarro of suffering from “Trump Derangement Syndrome.” Navarro hit back, saying he had “Trump Kool-Aid Overdose.”

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